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Welcome to wukong.waifu.ist, a shrine page dedicated Sun Wukong from LEGO Monkie Kid! The art in the icon is by @aceiinspacee on tumblr.

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About Sun Wukong
Also known as the Monkey King, Sun Wukong is a legendary, immortal monkey and MK's mentor. He is actually originally from the classic piece of Chinese fiction, Journey to the West! LEGO Monkie Kid is a sort of sequel to the book, which takes place while he's retired. I've read the book he originates from, of course, but I'm going to mostly focus on his appearance in LEGO Monkie Kid.

Sun Wukong is a confident being, especially in battle, and doesn't shy away from a challenge. Since his retirement, he temporarily became known to laze around, relax and eat (especially peaches and peach chips), not usually stepping in unless he's giving advice, or it concerns MK's (his sucessor's) well-being. However, he still took time to train MK. When he feels like the threat is too great, he has a tendency to run off to take care of the problem himself without telling anyone, in order to try and protect them. This, of course, leads to problems, even if he has good intentions. After the issue was resolved, Sun Wukong took the time to apologize sincerely to MK for causing him trouble. He admits that he never thought he'd be someone's mentor, but he wants to try his best for MK's sake. He's very chatty, and, some would say, like the typical anime protagonist, but that's no mistake; Wukong's original appearance in Journey to the West was what inspired Goku, who, in turn, inspired the typical idea of the anime male protag.

Wukong, as previously stated, is very confident, powerful, but generally relaxed. He's generally optimistic, and, even when he knows things are bad, he tries to pretend it's okay to relax those around him. He has a tendency to refer to those around him as 'bud', and, despite his confident and show-offy nature, he actually has paralyzing stage fright, which is what I believe the kids call 'gap moe'. This, along with his stumbles as MK's mentor, proves that he's powerful, but by no means infallible.

Sun Wukong is a very skilled fighter, and, given that he inspired Goku, he was 'overpowered' before 'overpowered' became a common word. He has great speed, strength, agility and reflexes. He has what is called the 108,000 Leap Somersault, which he uses to dodge enemy's attacks, and he's very proficient with his Golden Staff, and can change its size. He is immortal (in five different ways, including eating a peach of immortality). He also has the power to manipulate yellow Chi energy, generate clouds to ride on, shapeshift, replicate himself, communicate telepathically, and throw fire punches.
About Us
To introduce myself briefly; I'm Hunter, and I'm actually a man. (Surprising, I know. Brings 'waifufag' to a whole new level, am I right?) I'm also autistic, which is partially why I get so intensely fixated on characters sometimes, although Sun Wukong is on a whole other level for me.

I met Sun Wukong on May 21st of 2021, when I chose to watch the show after seeing some screenshots of it on Twitter. It wasn't love at first sight, but he very quickly became one of my favorite characters. I found him interesting in a character sense at first; I loved this interesting take on a mentor character who hadn't quite completely grown out of his own childishness himself, and who never really expected to become a mentor.

But eventually, this interest bloomed into something more. I began to think about him through most of the day, and, when I started to fantasize about, not just him as a character, but about us being together as a couple, I realized he's not just my favorite character, but someone who I geniunely loved.

Sometimes, I feel like I can understand Wukong better than anyone else can. (Especially when I indulge in fandom spaces...) I sometimes feel protective of him, but that's only because I love him. I adore him! And it sucks that I feel like I have to tone it down while in fandom spaces to not come across as 'crazy'. But Peaches and I have been together for over a year now, and no amount of condescension from people who don't understand would make me leave him.

My dear, I hope you appreciate this small and simple website I dedicate to us. May our love be immortal.
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"C'mon, bud... Believe in yourself. The way I believe in you.""